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Rolling Thunder House of SPFX is a full-service Physical Effects Company.

New to our team, full Auto-Cad design to create any 3-D design your team can dream up!!!

Rolling Thunder has the experience and equipment to make your vision come to life. Atmosphere, Fog, Smoke, Wind, Dry Ice, Rain & Water FX, Steam, Fire, Pyrotechnics, Snow, Rigging, Fabrication and much more...

We are excited to sit down with you to discuss your next project!

Rolling Thunder is simply the best! - Some Producer Guy

SKYLER T. WILSON, Proprietor

Skyler T. Wilson

Skyler Wilson started his career in the Rock & Roll industry in 1990 designing light and pyrotechnic shows for touring bands. As time progressed, he found himself involved in music videos and television commercials, which lead into the film & television sector of the entertainment industry.

In 1996, Skyler started with Laird FX as a PA and has moved forward in the film industry ever since. Keying a succession of commercials and independent films before joining IATSE Local 873 in 1999, he then moved on into full-time Main and 2nd Unit Key & Supervisory roles.

In early 2009, Skyler took some time off from film work and created Upper Canada Project Management. After completing the Sub-Zero Wolf Showroom as Site Superintendent and Project Manager, he moved on to the Ritz Carlton Tower project as Owner Representative and Condo Portion Site Superintendent.

By 2012, Skyler was back into film & television. His latest projects include Pacific Rim, Man Seeking Woman (Seasons 1, 2 & 3), Carrie, Robocop and Beyond Skyline.

No, seriously! Rolling Thunder is the best! - Some Producer Guy